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Aged 18, as a budding dancer, I travelled to China with Riverdance. I was never so far from home and what I found there blew me away, it was like another planet. A whole new people with their own rich culture gave me a million magnificent moments, but I had no camera to capture them. The next opportunity I had was a trip to Japan, so I bought a Nikon and never looked back.


Traveling  from Moscow to San Sebastian, I have been fortunate to experience a rich and wide variety of cities, scenes and settings. While there are many beautiful landscapes it is more often the people that breathe life into the places that they inhabit. I try to emphasise this interplay

between person and place in the urban section.


As an artist you encounter a wonderful mélange of people, each with their own unique way of being. By encouraging people to relax and move I hope to bring their being to the surface and capture in some single instance their singular essence. See these beautiful beings in the portraits section.


Wherever you find people, you find fashion. The setting and the light, the individual and the outfit all combine to create a new look, a new feeling, a new character. Some of my favourite such creations can be found in the fashion section.


I am forever experimenting with new styles, locations and concepts, striving and searching for a snapshot that finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. So I invite all artists of any media to collaborate with me to create exciting, unusual and inspiring new projects.

A short story of a deep soul

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