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Thank you for visiting my website!

 My name is Sade and I am a performer, choreographer, teacher and mentor based in Mannheim.

As a child, I trained as a dancer in Moscow and after toured with Riverdance Company in 2010 which allowed me to move to Germany to pursue a bachelor's degree from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. After my graduation, I gathered varied work experience from Staatstheaters (Regensburg Theater 2014-2016, Luzerne Theater 2016-2018).

For a few years now, I have chosen to direct my career within a freelance path, curious to explore alternate universes, focus my time on deeply diving into processes and developing my own work. It has led me to participating in various choreographic competitions arounds the globe; from the Competition for Choreographers in Hannover, to the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition and RIDCC Rotterdam, for which I’ve humbly been honoured with dancing and choreographic awards as well as to performed at International Aids Gala Regensburg, International Contemporary Dance Festival in Mexico and at the MeimageDance Festival in Taipei.

Through my time spent dancing and creating, I’ve grown to understand that I have a true passion for teaching, mentoring and choreographing.   

I sincerely believe in supporting the next generation of dancers and therefore aspire to expand around the world my workshops and classes that are strongly focused on floorwork and body awareness. 


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